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Aquariums by John Is a Mobile service. We have no store front.  Specializing in Aquarium maintenance, set up and repair.  We offer personalized service to business and residential customers in Northeast Florida including greater Jacksonville, St Augustine, Fernandina, Ponte Vedra Beach, Palm Valley, Palm Coast.

          Yes we carry liability insurance.                                           ( most fish services don't)

John is proficient with reef aquariums, fish only and freshwater aquariums.  So why not add a touch of nature to any office or home. Is you present service not up to you standards?  We use R/O D/I water which is reduced from artesian spring water. No city or tap water here.  this ultra pure water produces less algae and yields better clarity. Professional grade salt also adds to top quality water parameters.  Good food and good water are the best way to ensure long healthy life, and good colors. 

We sell new and used aquariums and all the components necessary to enjoy your new fish. Inquire about attractive leasing programs for both businesses and individuals.   Whether your passion is for tropical freshwater or saltwater aquariums, you'll find Johns Reef to be the only call you will need to make. As aquatic service professionals, we can advise you on the best solutions, to meet your needs.

Aquarium Maintenance/Service Prices

Maintenance service costs vary depending on frequency of visits, size and complexities of your tank and it's location.  There are many factors that can vary and effect the costs up or down.  Minimum service fee is $70 and includes water change filter media cleaning, checking water cleaning decor.
Feel free to call, text or email for a personalized quote. 

Monthly service includes, food, water change, cleaning and the occasional emergency call at no additional fee.  We are available any time, if something should require immediate attention or if you simply need direction to solve small issues with a phone call.

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  John Jay is a member of the board for AquaJax.  Aqua Jax is bringing the First coast Aquarium to downtown Jacksonville. 

Call or email and place a piece of the ocean in your home or office.

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