Professional Fish Tank Aquarium Services

Fish Tank Aquarium Set-Up Saltwater Or Freshwater

At Aquariums By John, we will recommend the most compatible saltwater or freshwater fish to fit the mood you would like for your fish tank or reef aquarium set up.  We provide custom fish tank design for saltwater or freshwater aquarium fish from 30 gallon tanks to whatever size you desire.  We ensure prompt and professional set up of your aquarium package based on your individual concept combined with professional expertise.

Aquariums By John is the ATM local affiliate and we have use of the services of the Acrylic Tank Design crew when needed.

Aquarium and Fish Tank Moving Services

We can handle fish tank and aquarium moves whether you are moving from one room to another or relocating an aquarium across town.  It is vitally important to have a professional move your aquarium to minimize risk to the sea life and equipment.

Aquarium Maintenance Service Pricing

We offer competitive aquarium maintenance/service prices in Northeast Florida.  You can choose standard monthly aquarium maintenance service plans or we can customize to meet your needs.  We offer various payment options.

Saltwater & Freshwater Fish and Koi For Sale

Aquariums By John offers saltwater and freshwater fish and koi for sale.  We specialize in fish and corals that are sourced from suppliers that use reef-friendly practices.  Many of the fish for sale are tank-raised or farmed.  We have a fish farm in Central Florida specializing in high-quality large koi, and marginal and submerged pond plants.

Purchase Food & Supplies

We will purchase food and other supplies especially suited to your fish tank/aquarium or koi pond requirements.  With our 25 of years of experience, you can rely on our professional advice and delivery services.  We often custom make and blend food for finicky eaters.

Fish Tank Aquarium For Sale or Lease

We sell, lease, move and find homes for fish tanks and aquariums.  We are willing to rescue most fish species and find new homes for them.

Fish Watching/Sitting (No Surprises)

Going on vacation?  Let us do the fish watching/sitting while you are away.  We will schedule regular fish watching/sitting visits.  We can also arrange remote fish watching and sitting and fish feeding so that you do not need to worry while you are away.

Other Fish Tank Aquarium Services

One time consultation for system issues or sick fish. The fish doctor is in!

Emergency Generators are available for clients should they experience long-term power outages.

Eco-friendly systems available, low power usage, sustainable corals and fish: it’s the green way to do aquaria!

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