Ask John

We offer a unique help line email service for aquarium owners who live in Northeast Florida. From our experience, we encounter all sorts of issues, problems and questions on saltwater fish & aquariums, reef tanks & corals, freshwater fish & aquariums. Getting a timely answer to your question or a professional opinion can be the difference between fully enjoying your aquarium hobby or having an avoidable bad experience.

Typical questions and problems we encounter include:

What is the best method for moving fish and aquariums?

How do I acclimate my new fish and corals?

What is a quarantine tank and do I need one?

What temperature should I keep the aquarium water at?

I think my fish may be sick, what do I do now?

How often should I be changing the water in my aquarium?

How many fish and what types can I put in my tank?

Help, my tank is leaking, what can I do?

What is a protein skimmer? Do I need one?

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